Stories, Pictures, Podcasts, and Video

As a professional online content creator and digital marketing manager, my work is spread out all over the Internet. Here’s a few places where you can find my personal projects:

  • Acceptably Real Podcast – My friend Joe and I explore the grey area between real, and not real, and declare what is actually, as far as we can tell, acceptably real.
  • Slow Death in the Afternoon Podcast – My friend Dan and I share our love of absinthe and talk about our interests and endeavors, artistic and otherwise.
  • Character City – The website where I publish my flash fiction. I named it this mainly because I was able to get the cool domain name that ended with .city
  • Jerry’s Amazon Author Page – This page is probably more for my own ego than anything else. I’m not sure how many people actually look at it.
  • Jerry’s YouTube Page – I just realized I’m writing about myself in third person. You get to do that when you’re an author, you know. This is where you can view most of my personal videos, usually about technology.
  • Short Stories – Where you can read the only remaining short story I left on this website. The rest of course are in a book which I encourage you to buy.
  • WriterCam – My Instagram, which used to be my photoblog, which used to be my live webcam site. Yes, I had a live webcam back when that was a cool thing to have.
  • Zombie Beach Podcast – My friend Dan and I talk about schlocky science fiction and horror.