God, Time, Perception and Sexy Androids

sexy-androids-cover-2015God, Time, Perception & Sexy Androids, “29 tales of weirdness and wonder.”  Written over a span of 30 years, some of these stories are previously published, but many are brand new – and all of them have been updated especially for this anthology.

A gang who steals sexbots and pimps them out for beer and pizza money inadvertently abscond with the ultimate stealth bomb. A dead woman finds herself in a race against time to save her new young body from being stolen by her murderous husband — who wants to turn it into his mindless slave. A normal Joe’s life is turned upside down when a angel’s halo mysteriously appears above his head. These are among 29 wonderfully weird and thought provoking stories included in God, Time, Perception, and Sexy Androids. You also get to meet an assassin obsessed with the afterlife, the time-kidnapped Sumerian potter who invented the wheel, an artist who needs plutonium for his giant stone penis rocket, and an android who thinks he’s Philip K. Dick and is determined to save a troubled dark haired girl — whether she wants him to, or not.

These smart, funny, and sometimes frightening stories span from the beginning of civilization to the end of the world, and out to the stars.

Read it now, only $14.95 in print, and $2.99 on the Amazon Kindle.

Kindle Edition - Only $2.99 Print Edition - Only $14.99


Amazon Reviews:

“The stories are so original and the themes so completely different its hard to believe that a single author wrote all of them. I’ve purchased “years best” collections of science fiction that weren’t as good; this blew most of those collections away.”

“These stories remind me of writers like Philip K. Dick, Edgar Allen Poe, and James Blish: authors who put characters into unanticipated situations and stand back to see what metal their heroes are made of. Stories like ‘Analyze/Anna Lies,’ ‘Reflections in God’s Eye,’ and ‘95 Metronomes’ take readers by surprise and force us on a journey that we could not have planned for, though we feel like better people when we get back.”