The Truth about Amazon Echo

Yes, I’ve discovered the truth behind the Amazon Echo … and it may not be what you’d expected.

6 Replies to “The Truth about Amazon Echo”

  1. Some I asked spur of the moment, and others I gathered by searching the Internet. Since I made this video, you can now find entire lists of fun questions to ask Alexa which go way above and beyond what I featured. One thing I might add, though, is beyond just being a culture reference toy, this has a lot of practical uses that I’ve incorporated into my day-to-day life, including (but not limited to): Alarm Clock, To-Do Lists, Grocery Lists, Weather Reports, bedtime surf-noise generator (with a sleep timer), Dictionary, Morning News, Music on demand (Alexa, play Beatles songs), and timers (Alexa, set timer 1 hour 12 minutes).

  2. Thank You Jerry, I really enjoyed your interest & interactions with Alexa, you are indeed entertaining!

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